Steve Biddulph is back – and angry!

The author of the million-selling Raising Boys is now fighting for the mental health of our daughters.

"One in five teenage girls is on anxiety medication, and one in twelve will develop an eating disorder.  Girls are having unhappy sexual experiences because of the miseducation of pornography.  But even little girls are stressed and unhappy, worried about not being perfect performers at school or in the playground."  

Steve’s Facebook community of 100,000 parents begged him to get back on the trail. With his new book, 10 Things Girls Need Most, he brings 40 years' experience as the country’s best known psychologist to rouse up a whole new phase of feminism. In fact he says girls must be part of the fight that is so much bigger than just themselves.

"Sexist, abusive and toxic messages are everywhere in the media. The exploitation of girls and young women rockets through primary school and into the teens. But it's in the younger years that we can make girls strong and free. 10 Things Girls Need Most outlines a radically different girlhood – more connection with nature, more time, peace, affection, and no pressure to start school young, to compete or worry about their looks or clothes."

 What are the ten things girls need most?  

To be loved and secure

To have time to be a child, and a chance to be wild

To know how to make good friends

To find her spark in life

To have the love and respect of a dad (or a dad substitute)

To have backbone

To be part of the women's movement 

To have a happy sexuality

To enjoy the support of aunties, wise women and experience a rite of passage to womanhood. 


 Clear, hard hitting, but with plenty of answers, this new book plays an important part in the fight for happier childhoods that is raging internationally.

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